Bed is made, sweaters are on, tickets were bought

Yup, Jamie and I are heading to the Vampire Weekend show over at Neumos on March 26th. It is rare that we attend a show together anymore, so I am really looking forward to this. More often than not she is just too tired after a day spent parenting the kids to stay out late. In fact when I mentioned the show to her in an effort to gauge her interest, her response was “What time do you think it will end?”


One thought on “Bed is made, sweaters are on, tickets were bought

  1. mythreesunz says:

    I laugh as I read this, because we’re about to embark on an evening out, with another couple. To do this, we selected a weekend evening, roughly ten weeks ago, that we knew would be free of wrestling matches, and other activities for M&M. We kept our fingers crossed for weeks, wondering if anything would come up. We’ve been getting a snowstorm each Saturday for the past few weekends, but today we lucked out, and it’s just pouring rain. Dodged a bullet there! However, in anticipation of sleet and/or snow for late this evening, I went out of my way to borrow and pick up a vehicle with AWD, and drove to and fro, 45 minutes each way, to pick up my mother-in-law, so that she could watch the baby. Because it’ll be late when we get home, she’s spending the night. So, yes, as we get older, and are married with children, these evenings out, get harder to come by, and tend to require more effort. But, they’re well deserved and earned, and in the end, it makes the time with our children all the more special. Enjoy the show, and I look forward to reading more…

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