P.O.S. – Never Better Album Review


I have to admit, I slept on this for a while. For some reason, I had already made up mind (inexplicably) that I wouldn’t like this album. Don’t know why. I am just crazy that way sometimes. I am glad I changed my tune and listened to this album. P.O.S. Never Better – and there is nothing out there right now that comes close! It absolutely fucking rocks! I haven’t been this hyped for a hip-hop album in a couple of years. If you like hip-hop and/or punk, please take the time to listen to the album – or at least the MP3’s I have posted below. For me, this was not a “slow-burn, it grows on you” album. I connected with it viscerally on my first listen.

This is everything a new, current hip-hop album should be – fun, witty, thought provoking, but most of all; ORIGINAL! The beats and rhymes are new and different but still familiar enough not be jarring or obtuse. In addition to the quality of the music and words, the CD digipak is fantastic – it is totally customizable with different picture inserts and plastic overlays – a very nice touch.

Here is a fun video clip showing the various packaging options – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6IrjDvVkKI

P.O.S.| Purexed

P.O.S.| Low Light Low Life


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