My Bloody Valentine – Wamu Theater 4/27/2009

I am finally getting around to writing a quick review of the My Bloody Valentine show at the Wamu Theater that occured way back on April 27th. First things first, My Bloody Valentine are LOUD. Really, LOUD. This is the first show I have ever been to where the ushers are offering up earplugs to the concertgoers! MBV sets up this auditory assault by creating a layer of incredibly loud treble or high end that kinds of rides underneath all their songs. It sounds cool, but without earplugs my ears would still be ringing. Overall, the show was an incredible experience. The strobe lights, the visuals and the beautiful noise all combined to make this an event I will not soon forget. I, like many others found myself slack-jawed and standing, holding my hands up to the noise and actually feeling it as it moved around the theater. I have never quite experienced this before and found it quite beautiful. If they are coming to your town, go check them out – they will blow you mind!