Major Lazer – Guns Don’t Kill People, Lasers Do Album Review


I picked this album up at the beginning of the summer, have been killing it not stop, and am now just getting around to posting a quick review. Major Lazer is the nom de plume of Diplo and Switch (the guys that produced “Paper Planes”). The fictious back story of Major Lazer is that he is a Jamaican commando who lost both arms, and is now outfitted with prosthetic lazers, thanks to the United States Military. Pretty silly if you ask me. I bought it for the music not the mythology. Now, on to the tunes. Diplo and Switch have produced a great mashup of classic Jamaican dancehall-ragga, rocksteady and pop that is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. If Diplo and Switch set out to re-introduce dancehall to the club kids (as some have speculated), this album certainly has the chops to get the job done.

Major Lazer | Hold The Line Feat Mr Lex & Santigold

Major Lazer | Can’t Stop Now


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